Wednesday, December 10, 2008

illustration: Nile Southern, NYU Film School, ink and dye by Phoebe Legere

New York University is a corporation - so why don't they make their OWN movie studio? We all know who the most brilliant and talented students are - why release geniuses into the dog eat dog marketplace?

The marketplace just eats up the most sensitive and talented and spits out the seeds! -


There should be an INHOUSE MOVIE DEPARTMENT at NYU cranking out professional product-with students working as interns on REAL PROJECTS.

Let's look at the Medieval Workshop/Guild system, lets look at the Hollywood system, lets look at the system of Guru and Disciple in the training of Indian Musicians- let's build a model and rebuild American culture from the ground up using fresh blood from fresh young geniuses.
Do I hear an AMEN?

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Small Biz Startup: said...

Bravo, Phoebe. You are a Social Vigilante and our Art Avenger.