Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Sample Sale on Fifth Avenue between 28th and 29th on Fifth, ground floor, West side of street

Lingerie enthusiast Turgid Loathingmore the Third was browsing through the Financial Times last year when he saw an offering for Hanky Panky, Ltd. Turgid invested heavily.

I said, "You schmuck. What are you investing in that for??

He moistened his rodent lips and said, "You'll see."

For once, Turg was right. Today, Tues. Dec. 2 there is a SAMPLE SALE and there's a line around the block. It's worth the wait. Read on...

THE HANKY PANKY 'signature' V-kini is the MOST COMFORTABLE THONG on the market. If you have a sensitive Tushie like Bambi you know a thong can be hell. But Hanky Panky found a way to make it not only bearable - but pleasurable!

Abisextrous, mult-talented, versatile and well rounded Bambi has so many LOVAHS she has to wear bullet proof boxers most of the time, but on those rare occasions when she takes a shine to a particular "LOVAH" Bambi struts her stuff in the "COLORPLAY V-Kini" (half price today at the sample sale)

Once, after a one night stand, Bambi left her Hanky Panky's in the boudoir of a very rich person of the not-so opposite sex. This person who will remain nameless (Turgid Loathingmore) was such a lousy lay that Bambi vowed never to see him/her(?) again. But she wanted those Hankys back - so she swallowed her pride and returned to the scene of the crime.

PS She still can't get rid of Turgid Loathingmore the Third. There is something magic about the
soft, stretch lace and comfortable cotton center of the lowrise thong Hanky Panky panty!


Small Biz Startup: said...

this entry reminds me of the wonderfully fun & luscous FUR BIKINIs (fake, of course) designed by Phoebe Legere. Every top designer ripped them off, but none had the luxe uber-coolness of Phoebe's creations!

Small Biz Startup: said...

my flying fingers meant to write "luscious" - sorry for the typo.

nissa said...

two words: hanky panky.
two more words: bambi bernstein

put all of them together and you've got yourself a night of sexy hotness. talk about wham bam, thank you ma'am.