Saturday, November 29, 2008


Bambi Bernstein rarely gets excited about a man, but once every couple of decades she runs into an XY that knocks her black silk stockings off -
She looks him up and down, slaps her moist forehead, and purrrrrrs,

“WHOA! Can I buy you a drink big boy? “

Such a man, is Gen. James L Jones, PrezO’s pick for National Security Adviser. Gen. Jones is “Generalissimo Machismo.”

A quote from the Alpha:

“It's OK to have fun in the Marine Corps. I like to say we are imperfect people working in an institution that tries to be perfect. That is a noble thing, but you have to realize there is no perfect. We're human.”

Human. We are human! HUMAN! That is so hot!

He is large, 6’5”- and beautifully formed, with insane blue eyes. Look at him. If he asked you to do something you would do it. Bambi would do it. Bambi would love to do it. What do you want? You want Bambi to jump through a hole in the ice? You want Bambi to play a bugle while driving a humvee with 76 nuclear warheads on the luggage rack across a bridge made of sticks? Just show me the bugle sir. I'll blow it- I mean-

General Jones spent his formative years (age 2-17) in France which may explain why he is so suave.

Now the camoflage-clad commando commands the largest, most powerful army on Planet Earth.

He also wears these awesome decorations! (below) in addition to the ones Bambi cannot see. (yet)

General Jones’ life in a nutshell:

In 1967, he was ordered to Vietnam, where he served as a Platoon and Company Commander with Company G, 2d Battalion, 3d Marines. While overseas, he was promoted to First Lieutenant in June 1968.

After doing many heroic things, which can only be imagined by an intellectual composer and bloggeuse like me, he went back to school. And where did he go? Juilliard? NYU? Shiksadrome? NO! Gen. Jones went to the National War College in Washington, DC.

He knows the middle East backwards and forwards – not only Kuwait and Iraq but Turkey too.

Gen. Jones last job was Supreme Allied Commander, Europe (SACEUR)

“From the Supreme Headquarters"... "in Mons, Belgium, General Jones led Allied Command Europe (ACE), comprising NATO's military forces in Europe. “

Like, Can PrezO pick 'em?

When Gen. Jones retired did he play golf and read his kindle? No. He served as president and chief executive officer of the U.S. Chamber Institute for 21st Century Energy.

The guy has got it goin on. Look at that smile! Those eyebrows. Even I, Bambi Bernstein, and you know how I am, wouldn’t dare to tell him how to wear his hair.

“At 64, General Jones bicycles from home to work twice each week, riding the nine miles from McLean, Va., to the offices of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, two blocks from the White House, where he runs a task force on energy. “ – The New York Times today.

He rides a bike! That is SO SEXY!!!

Bambi Bernstein has a sixth sense about these things, and she thinks that General Jones will develop a close relationship Mrs. Clinton, and PrezO (and Mr. Gates) and together they will DEFINE the NEW American position on Iraq, Afghanistan, Russia and terrorism.

Meanwhile, peacenic and ultra left wing liberal Bambi has started writing The National Security Symphony.(heavy on timpani, bugle and guitar)-

After all--

Beethoven, was inspired to write the 3rd Eroica Symphony by Napoleon-

Beethoven said,

"If I understood the art of war as well I do music, I would conquer him.”

LVB - you are man after my own heart

I hear your questions readers -
Yes Bambi will play the bugle from the podium
as she conducts the massively orchestrated and
very loud National Security Symphony.

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Maureen said...

Acknowledging his humanity...give that man another star!

Write on Bambi.