Thursday, November 13, 2008

Get Your Hand Outa My Pocketbook

I love money. I can't get enough.

The Machismo Feminismo woman always knows EXACTLY how much money is in her wallet.

You can visit to order your FREE Financial Literacy toolkit. It couldn't hurt!

And remember The Machismo Feminismo woman gets more pleasure from NOT spending money than from engaging in what Sex in the City author Candice Bushnell once described as "retail therapy."

Shopping is a scam. Shopping will NOT make you feel better. It will NOT make you sexier. Shopping is NOT entertainment. Shopping will only accomplish one thing- It will enrich the people who control the corporations who own the stores. For entertainment go to a concert, go to a play, go to a ball game, go to a lecture.

If you a heterosexual who is horny for a boyfriend, ask yourself- what is the best use of my time on this planet - will I meet men in a ladies store? No. Men hate shopping. they go in, they buy the first thing they see and they leave and go call someone who can help them in business.

If you want to meet guys go to a ball game or some other place where guys gather. They don't give a damn what you are wearing. They just want to see a big confident smile. They just want someone to listen to them talk. They just want to look at you.

If you want to meet girls just walk down the street in a really sharp suit with your hair up looking rich. Look deeply into the eyes of the first good looking woman you see. Fuck her with your eyes. Trust me. You can have anybody you want. I don't care how old you are. Machismo/Feminismo has no age.

Our guest tomorrow on the Bambi Bernstein show:

Machismo/Feminismo Superstar Susan Rakowski.
Ms. Rakowski is the Editor in Chief of Small Business Opportunities- SBO is your BEST resource for entreprenureal ideas and inspiration.
Ms. Rakowski is also a former rock star, (she opened for David Bowie on his National tour and starred in Mondo New York) she has written for the Wall Street Journal and Star Magazine, and she is a very smart, funny and compassionate lady. In addition to her high powered job as a New York City publishing executive, she is a philanthropist.

So check back tomorrow for a zany, informative interview on Financial Literacy with SUSAN RAKOWSKI!

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Poised For Departure said...

i'm completely inspired by you, Bambi.i'm going out the door today, walking to the same subway, same office, but in a totally new direction.