Sunday, November 23, 2008

PrezO tweets BAMBI

It was October...we were in the throws of the election.
I was worried about the outcome of the second debate.

I tweeted
"Hey champ! Before the debate please listen to Cotrane's "A Love Supreme"

about an hour later I got back a message from PrezO

"How about some cool Miles Davis"

That was his "handshake" to me and I will never forget it as long as I live.

I told Turgid Loathmore the Third about this historic twitter moment.
Turgid, a mouth breather and political dilletante
, rolled his eyes and said

, "Oh it must have been someone from his office."

Cynics always try to pee on my utopian dreams.

As Phoebe Legere once sang in her song "LOVE BUBBLE"
"Don't try to burst my bubble with your wretched little pin
Don't try to deflate me... Just come on in!"

Bambi Bernstein will go to her grave saying Obama is the greatest thing that has happened to America in her lifetime.

And lets give equal time to the awesome Hillary Clinton, featured yesterday on the front page of the New York TImes. Yes New Yorkers, we are loosing a bad ass fucking brilliant junior senator but we are gaining a bad ass fuckin gorgeous Sec'y of Statey.

I love HIllary. I think she lost a little weight- I hope she doesn't starve herself. Imagine the Chinese banquets? O Good Lord... the girl deserves every kowtow and shrimp dumpling!