Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Best Small Business Blog on the Internet

I predict that Susan Rakowski's Blog
"Start Your Own Small Business." will be the fastest rising blog in the Startup Blogosphere.

I've known Susan for many years She never ceases to amaze... When I first met Rockin Rocket Rakowski she was the cutest, smartest girl at Vassar College-and a damn fine guitarist and bass player too!

One year after graduation Susan was hired to be a reporter on the Wall St. Journal.
Rockin Rocket Rakoswki was rockin' all night and chasin' hard news all day!

"Rocket Rakowski" is the ULTIMATE Machismo/Feminismo success story.

Though we are overjoyed by the hopeful mood in the country, we know there are rough economic times ahead. Susan is, as usual, thinking about how to make other people's lives easier.
Susan Rakowski believes that "increasing Financial Intelligence will build women's confidence and self esteem."
Read Susan's blog everyday to learn how credit works, how to get a loan, how to save money, how to create wealth, and how to budget your finances.

I am so crazy about Susie I once wrote a song called, "I Love Susie Rakowski." We played that song for 26,000 people when we opened for David Bowie on his National Tour.

I'll finish my blog for today with a few words of wisdom from famous Hollywood Film Composer Bambi Bernstein:

"Girls! If you want love, if you want romance, don't waste your dough on clothes that make you look like hos! Just work on accumulating wealth, because if you are rich EVERYONE wants to fuck you. "

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BoneFarm said...

Yes Yes Yes! Good advice from good women.