Sunday, November 9, 2008

As a successful Hollywood film composer I've had to develop my own brand of feminism. People are more willing to vote for a woman for president than they are to hire a female composer.
In the world of serious music women are treated like dirt. That is why I invented Machismo/Feminismo.

I see so many young girls plagued by insecurities: am I pretty? I am I sexy? Is my skirt the right length? Am I fat?

I love being a woman but I don't have time to waste worrying about my looks.

I want joy, health, family, and success. I want all the goodies life has to offer.
I want to be the master of my world.

The Machismo/Feminismo woman is as cocky as a matador, as cool as Barack Obama.
When she is working she's Clint Eastwood. When she is volunteering to help people in need she is St. Theresa. That's not a contradiction. That's machismo/feminism.

It works for men too!

Trends don't matter to the Machismo/Feminismo woman. She rarely reads fashion magazines.
She wants her clothes to be well made and comfortable. Just like a man. Timeless, classic, smart. Machismo/feminismo girl doesn't have time to waste worrying "What should I wear." How boring! Men don't do that. Just watch them strutting around. They think they look great. They love themselves.

Instead of getting upset about her weight the machismo/feminismo woman goes to the gym every other day. She lifts weights with the men and then she does yoga. She runs two miles or swims.

She eats primarily raw fruit and vegetables.


Legere said...

You go Bambi Bernstein! I agree 100%!

Small Biz Startup/Susan Rakowski said...

you are a true Social Vigilante.

Jane said...

Yes, you are so right. It's all about that confidence. Unfortunately so many women are crippled by their insecurities about their physical appearance that they don't get how awesome they are. I make a point to look at women in a way that lets them know they are gorgeous. And I refuse to criticize another woman's appearance.

And it is about sex. Human beings who are in touch with their sexuality exude a confidence that is extremely attractive.