Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Twitter Goldmine

photo:Starving children in Madagascar by Phoebe Legere

Create a Twitter world that supports your aspirations and your goals!

Twitter is a permeable membrane, a living organism of interactivity and community, like a beehive or a colony of ants. Twitter is a Meta-Brain that organizes itself into vast nexus of neurons. Twitter is sociology, psychology and anthropology all rolled into one mad text jam session.

Twitter looks random at first but then characters, stories, heros, and subplots begin to emerge. Twitter is a multivalent biomachine; it is a deeply layered textual snapshot of who we are NOW.

News breaks on Twitter faster than any other medium. When the Shuttle landed in California I knew it before AP announced it, because my Twitter Circle felt the tremors. I hear about the weather all over the world- not What the weather is, but how it Feels to the people who are living it.

The PR potential of Twitter
Get in on the Goldrush before they sell it! If you have a blog, or a book, or a band or a brand, don't hide your light under a bushel-Tweet it to the skies! If you follow good blogs, reprint them on your own blog and then bray about what a genius your buddy is! Broadcast your love! When you make other people feel important you make them VERY happy.

You can make money on twitter if that's your angle, but on the purely social level Twitter is full of delightful surpises

The key to having fun on twitter is to make sure what I call your "Twitter Circle" is smart, funny and emotionally supportive. You don't have to agree on everything, but make sure you surround yourself with enlightened people!

Make Friends Fast
If you already know someone on Twitter, go to their "following" list.
Click on a name- Read the most recent 20 twitters. You will know instinctively if this is a "story" you want to follow. If you get a good vibe, click the "follow" button up under the avatar and name. Chances are, if it's a friendly person they will return the follow quickly.

Be Consistent
Before they follow you they will probably click on your name and scan your twitters.
Make sure your recent posts reflect the 'story' you want to tell. Stay on message. If you have several different personas blog appropriately from different accounts.

News Services
You may want to follow lesaffairescom,bboybb BreakingNewz googlenews nytimes

if you are news junkie just comb my follows for business and tech news...I have a good mix.

Never drink and blog.
People from the highest echelons of government and media are on Twitter. Respect the machine.

Your Twitter Image
On Twitter as in life, image is everything. I think a warm, smiling photo, preferably with your mouth open, gives the illusion that your twitter has been "spoken" from the heart. Any of the kids in the photo above, taken in Madagascar, would be awesome Twitter avatars.

One guy-@lilpecan uses a picture of a Guinea Pig. Women love him. Duh!
On Twitter:Keep it warm, keep it fuzzy,keep it positive and you will keep your follows.
My favorite person on twitter is Meryl333 who lives on the West Coast. We have never met. Sometimes I call her "The Judge." She keeps everybody moving, and if you step out of line she is not afraid to call you on it. Meryl333 has an awesome blog too. Meryl333 always walks the high moral ground but she has a lighter, folksy side too. That's the kind of person I like. You will find your own Tweeps. Your pronouncements can be Delphic or Downtoearth, just make sure you mean what you say.

Twitter is a massively organized online chat group where fascinating information is exchanged between consenting individuals simultaneously and transparently on a wide variety of subjects. Dale Carnegie said that to be successful you must have a Mastermind network. Voila! Twitter!

I am @Legere. To reply to this or any of my other posts just put @Legere in your post and it will show up in my reply window. I love to communicate! Talk to me.

If you want an app that will manage all your replys and direct messages go to http://www.tweetdeck.com/beta/
www.ping.fm will update all of your social networks status reports instantly. Or-Blog from your phone as Barack Obama did so famously when he selected Joe Biden- just go into your twitter settings and choose 'blog from cellphone."

I look forward to seeing you at www.twitter.com

Bambi Bernstein, bloggeuse

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