Tuesday, January 20, 2009


blogging from the Eastern Inaugural Ball...

Many of you have asked what Bambi is wearing tonight.
Naturally I am in full Loehmans.....a Squilliante One Shoulder silk gown. What makes it really special is that I gave myself a "Las Vegas" yesterday morning.


You simply remove every hair on your body below your neck. (Turgid gives me a bullet to bite on) Then take those little Swaroski stick on jewels and, deftly using your superlong fingernails, make a heart that encloses your "little friend" (sometimes know as "the eroto-genital region.")

Will you copy this idea immediately? If you have any brains you WILL. Remember, you don't have to be 100 percent better than your competition, you just have to 10 percent better.

PRODUCT NOTE: I get my STICK ON SWAROWSKIS at the store that most closely resembles an orgasm: M and J Trimmings.

You can buy loose jewels at M and J and apply with lash glue, or you can get the stick ons at RICKY'S.

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